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Laser Lines has been providing Stratasys 3d printing solutions for over 20 years. 3D Printing has been part of our service for decades which means we have vast experience within the industry. When you use Laser Lines as your 3D Printer provider you don't just get a 3D Printer, you get the support of our dedicated, experienced team. We can provide 3D Printer training, installation, maintenance and repair.

Service BureauAs a UK market leader for Stratasys and SLM Solutions systems, our 3D printer range is extensive, covering a variety of applications and solutions. Whether you require rapid production of small models and parts, or larger builds, we can help. The systems we provide are utilised for ‘fit, form and function’ across a number of industries and fields including consumer goods, automotive, consumer electronics, architecture and medical/dental.

We stock Stratasys, the world's leading name in 3D printing technology, with a comprehensive catalogue of products, materials and accessories. The Stratasys range comprises the Mojo, Dimension, uPrint and Fortus FDM systems, and the Objet polyjet machines, all of which are designed to meet your specific demands from desktop solutions to the most demanding applications.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore the possibilities 3D printing has to offer, by calling 01295 672500. Our professional team will be happy to advise you.

The 3D Printing Process

3D printing is not a complex procedure. Models are designed using CAD software and then 'sliced' into fine layers by converting it into an .stl file. The model is then printed layer by layer. Each individual layer can measure just a few microns. As each layer is laid down they build up to become the complete part as per the original CAD design. This additive approach, which sees materials added to form an object, as opposed to material removed, means there is almost no limit to the level of detail and complexity of what can be made. This makes a 3D printing an invaluable part of your production process.


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